Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My ESP Drink Recipe

There are so many ways to drink ESP but my personal favourite is to mix it with juice. You can use whatever juice available in the store i.e. Tropicana Twister, VeGood, Marigold Peel Fresh, etc, and you can use whatever flavour that suits your desire. I personally like to mix ESP with a quite sour juice because ESP will make it sweet. Not that ESP is highly sweet, but I found that mixing already sweet juice will make it sweeter so I don’t fancy that.


I use a 300 ml water bottle because I only make a serving for me. I found this cheap water bottle at Kedai 2.00 for only a few bucks. But this bottle is good because the cap is really tight so it will not leak if you shake it hard. Plus, it has measurement on the side so it always come in handy.


So, my recipe is:

Put 2 tbs of ESP inside the water bottle

Pour about 250-300 ml of juice of your choice

Shake well

Once it’s done, you will get this frothy goodness that  tastes really delicious. It’s like having a soda in juice form.



CHEERS!!! It is better served cold.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Introducing…Shaklee ESP

I have been consuming ESP for more than 3 weeks now and I’m delighted to say that I’m very happy with what it does to my skin!

For your information, our new facial cells grow every 21 days. As we age, the number of new cells decrease, making our skin sag and lost its elasticity. Just imagine a wall without enough bricks, a few holes here and there, surely it is not a very sturdy wall, is it? It’s breakable, it lets dirt going into our house and it’s not very nice to see, right?

Our skin is like that wall, our cells are like those bricks and what glues them together, the cement, is the collagen (but I’ll get into this in the future).

What builds our cells? The answer is simple: it is Protein. That’s our cell’s food and to produce healthy cells, we must eat enough protein. There are 20 types of proteins and our body is able to build 11 out of 20. But the other 9, we must take it separately. The common sources of protein are eggs, fishes, chickens, cheese, yogurt, soy, just to name a few.

When I first consume ESP, I don’t even know what I talked about just now because I consume it for a whole different reason (which I will tell, also, later in the future). Having a good, clear, glowing skin as a side result is just a bonus, and who doesn’t like bonus? I welcome it with open arms *smile*. Anyway, I got all the information from a sharing I attended last Saturday, led by Master Norita, an accomplished Shaklee user and businesswoman and her husband (sorry kak forgot his name! *shame on me*). Since I was new, I only able to digest the first half of the sharing, which was the science of it – and I’m always good in Biology anyway.

Anywhoooo…(I keep getting out of track here) ESP, yes, ESP is one of the best sources of protein that is essential for our body (ahem, cells). What does ESP stands for? ESP is Energizing Soy Protein. Yes, based on its name, it is made out of soy. ESP provides 14 grams of non-GMO soy protein with all the amino acids, including the nine essential amino acids our body needs for protein synthesis.

Okay, so what it does to my skin?

Since our new facial cells grow every 21 days, the clear result only could be seen after 21 days. However, I noticed a difference even after the first week of consuming ESP. I noticed that my face has become tighter and brighter. Bumps (not acne, just uneven skin) and redness around my nose and on my cheeks lessened. Skin began to feel moist and elastic. My blackheads and whiteheads have been reduced. Entering the third week, it’s only a week left until Aunt Flow (AF) comes, that is to say, I’m in my PMS week, I noticed that I HAVE NOT HAD a single blemish on my face, and even on my back. How AHMAZING is that.

I admit that aside from ESP, I also take a few other Shaklee products that might be contributing the goodness of my skin, but I solely believe that ESP is the main reason that made my skin the way it is today.



Skin after work. Had taken off BB cream. Haven’t had a bath yet (that explains the shine!).

And this is how ESP looks like:


It is 850 grams per canister. It is HUGEEE. Max 3 tbs a day, it can last more than a month, perhaps two, so it is very affordable. I consume ESP along with my housemate and I still have enough to last me two weeks.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested. I don’t bite. Hehe.