Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January Favourites

I never done this before, but I saw so many of these “favourites” going on on Youtube so I thought I should try doing a blog post about products I’ve been loving for this month. I don’t have a lot though.


In clockwise direction:

1. Hada Labo Air BB 10-in-1 Function SPF50+PA+++ & Eau Thermale Avene Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream


My Avene moisturizer does not have any sun protection and I’m not really fond of the Hada Labo BB cream texture – I feel like it is quite heavy – but I love combining these two to use as my foundation! I just squeeze a little bit of each onto the back of my hand and blend, and apply it to my face. The result was amazing! The Hada Labo BB cream gives coverage and the Avene moisturizer dilutes the BB cream and makes the texture light on my skin and hydrates it as well!

2. The Body Shop Cushion Wooden Pin Hair Brush


I just bought this and I cannot express how much I am in love with this brush! Since I’m currently pregnant, I chose to use a natural shampoo and let’s face it, natural shampoo doesn’t clean as well as shampoo with SLS. And I don’t use conditioner at all because I’m lazy haha. That makes my hair really tangle after I wash it, and pretty much stays that way all day everyday. Every time I run my fingers through my hair, they will always get stuck. Same goes if I try to detangle my hair using a wide-tooth comb. That will result in hair fall.

So I thought using a large brush could solve my problem. I want a good quality brush that is gentle on the scalp and hair. I know The Body Shop sell some hair brushes and the reviews on them are good too, so without hesitation, I bought one. This particular hair brush cost me RM 58.00 but I have no regret in buying this because this brush is awesome!

It detangles my hair easily with minimal hair fall and also very gentle to my scalp. If there’s a hair fall, my hair doesn’t stick to the brush unlike any other brushes and this brush is easy to clean too. Major love!

3. Shaklee OmegaGuard


Before, the thought of swallowing a couple vitamins a day makes me nauseous. That’s why I only take what is necessary for pregnancy i.e. folic acid and obimin. Since I no longer experience morning sickness, I think it is time for me to add supplements to my diet. I chose fish oil for baby’s brain development and calcium pills because I don’t really like to drink milk.

I only consume OmegaGuard for about a week but I already notice a difference. I no longer constipated and I sleep more easily at night. And no matter how much I eat, it seems like my weight gain is slower this time (maybe because I poop almost everyday haha). I took only 1 capsule a day. Not sure if it’s because of OmegaGuard, but I eat pretty much the same everyday and the OmegaGuard and calcium pills are the only thing that changed in my diet.

4. Safi Olive Oil Plus Rose Hip


Someone recommended this to use as stretchmark prevention and I bought this specifically for that reason. Even though I love it, my belly is allergic to it. It does moisturize my belly but it makes my belly itch. I also got a few rashes on my skin. Strangely, that only happens to my belly. I’m not allergic to this product on other body parts so I use it to moisturize my hands and sometimes I use it on my hair.

This product is so multifunctional because it is also great to use as massage oil! I asked my husband to massage me the other day using this and it works wonderfully. Although this is an oil, it doesn’t feel sticky on the skin at all. It absorbs to the skin easily.

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