Saturday, August 10, 2013

Disappointing Products #1


1. Kiehl’s Lip Balm


If you know me, you must be wondering how on Earth a Kiehl’s product managed to get into this list, right? As an avid fan of Kiehl’s, it breaks my heart to do this, but I’m always honest with my review even if it means giving it a bad name. So why does this product disappoint me? It is not the product’s fault actually, it is ME who had high expectation on it from the start.

Let’s see, Kiehl’s Lip Balm claims to provide SPF 4 // Sunscreen // Petrolatum // Skin Protectant. I guess I missed the word  “Petrolatum” while reading the label briefly because I was buying it in a rush. I used to use Vaseline as a lip balm in the past but I stopped using it because it was made out of petroleum jelly. I don’t remember why, but I knew that I didn’t want to put any petroleum-based product on my lips anymore since I started having allergies from certain products. Although I was not allergic to Vaseline, I stopped anyway.

Having used to flavoured/sweet lip balm (i.e NYC Lip Sliders Tinted Lip Balm) ever since, I admit I expected Kiehl’s Lip Balm to taste the same. It was not. It tasted exactly like Vaseline. The texture of it, the scent, the finish, the way it moisturise, it was all the same. There is no need for you to buy Kiehl’s Lip Balm for RM 35.00, which comes with only 17 g of product, when you can have one like it cheaper with twice or thrice the amount of product just from a small tub of Vaseline.

2. Heavy Rotation Maxi Long Mascara


This is one of the reasons why I rarely wear mascara nowadays. I had forgotten the price since I bought this so long ago, but I think it was between RM 45.00 – RM 50.00 at Sasa. Worst RM 50.00 I’ve ever spent. Why? Because this mascara didn’t do ANYTHING!

It claims to lengthen eyelashes but seriously, after two, three coats of application, my eyelashes still looked the same. No lengthening, no curling, no volume. There is no need to do a before and after picture because there isn’t any difference. USELESS MASCARA EVER.

Don’t buy.

3. Tony Moly Cats Wink Mascara


This mascara was a little bit better than the Heavy Rotation. It volumized and lengthened as it claims on the tube. The only problem I had with it was it didn’t hold out the curl. My eyelashes looked fantastic on the first coat, thick and black, but when I applied second coat, BAM! my eyelashes drooped down like they cannot withstand the weight. The formula was too heavy for my eyelashes. I cannot make do with ONE coat of mascara, I need more!

This mascara can only be bought at Tony Moly stores. Once again, I’d forgotten the price but I think it was between RM 35.00 – RM 45.00. I don’t recommend it though because there are better mascaras with cheaper price (i.e. Maybelline The Falsies). The packaging was cute, though.

4. Brow Lash Water Strong Pencil Liner


This eyeliner was the first eyeliner I bought as a substitute for my all-time favourite pencil eyeliner, Silky Girl Long Wearing Eyeliner. The reason I was looking for a substitute was because I wanted a more long-lasting eyeliner with creamy texture, something like Milani eyeliner but we don’t have it here. Long story short, I found this eyeliner before I found my beloved Urban Decay, and was impressed with the tester I tried. It was creamy, it glided on smoothly and not easily budge even when I rubbed it hard. I was sold on the spot.

However, the one that I brought home with me was not the same as the tester at all. It was not creamy and really hard to line my eyes with. The product did not transfer easily on my lash line, making the drawing painful. I'd tried to rub it on the back on my hand first to warm it up but it still remained the same. Not only it wasn’t creamy, it was also brittle. When I drew too hard, it broke. WORST EYELINER EVER.

I bought it at Watsons Pavilion with the price range RM 60.00 – RM 70.00. Not worth it, girls. Don’t buy.


beaty said...

aduh yang mahal lagi pula tu harga dia chii. tp did not work well pula ni. tu la kalau beauty prod ni kena try and error.. selagi inda cuba selai inda tau kan

Chii said...

beaty: hahaha..tu la ba klu makeup mmg trial n error. ada yg ok dgn kita first2 tapi lama2 x ngam.