Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Favourite Youtube Beauty Guru #1

I watch Youtube beauty videos like I’m watching TV series, except more religiously. I subscribed to a lot of channels but there are some I watch on a constant basis.

My most favourite person to watch is probably Elle Fowler, also (famously) known as AllThatGlitters21. Her main channel are about beauty, fashion and decor. She also has a second channel called EllesGlitterGossip, where she vlogs, talks about stuff that is not beauty-related, and my favourite part is that she is also a hardcore reader (like me) so sometimes she review books on her second channel and gives many book suggestions!


Elle Fowler

(click on the picture for the link!)


Beauty Channel: AllThatGlitters21


Non-beauty Channel: EllesGlitterGossip

I think she is so pretty, successful, well-rounded and down to earth. She has a nice voice that is so soothing to hear. Watching her videos is like a therapy because she sounds so calming.

She also write blogs. Dreaming in Blush, where she review beauty products, and I Heart You Coffee, which is more like a lifestyle blog. I love both!

I will review more of my favourite Youtube beauty gurus in the future. Stay tuned!


Dyana said...

tdk pernah lg sy tgk dia ni chii.jarang sdh tgk beauty review.huhu..will cekidaut la mana tau siok

Chii said...

dyana: xda kerja melayan youtube ja sy ni haha

cekidaut la mana tau beminat nanti.