Monday, February 10, 2014

I Take It Back…

In this post, which I wrote way back in August last year, I talked about how Kiehl’s lip balm disappoint me. The reasons were in the post, if you want to know why. Anyway, I’m glad I didn’t throw away the lip balm even though I don’t like it very much (I tend to do that with products I don’t like) – maybe because it was kinda expensive – because a few months after that, it became an essential daily product to me. I could not live without it.

During the first few months of pregnancy, I had terrible morning sickness. My nose became so sensitive; I hated almost everything that smells. I stopped using makeup almost altogether. I still wore lip balm though – I cannot stand dry/chapped lips. But the one I was using at the time was flavoured, I think it tasted and smelled like strawberries. It made me sick.

I didn’t want to buy a new one because I didn’t know which one I would like – don’t want to waste the money. Plus, I didn’t have a mood going into Sasa or Watsons, etc. One day I sort of saw the Kiehl’s lip balm tucked in the corner of my vanity. I took it out, tried it and used it ever since.

The reasons were obvious: Kiehl’s lip balm didn’t taste or smelled like anything. It was easy on my nose and tongue, and it was the only product I can wear when I was suffering from morning sickness.

I take back what I wrote in my August post. It doesn’t disappoint me anymore. In fact, I love it so much now!


My Kiehl’s lip balm now. It is well-loved :)

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